Dear Syrian medical students in the United States,
The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) is a non-profit professional and medical relief organization established in the US and represents physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals of Syrian descent in North America.
SAMS Caribbean Medical School Scholarship Program is launched by the society to help Syrian medical students who had to interrupt their studies inside Syria during the current crises due to major hardship or had to leave the country and have a legitimate reason that prevents them from going back. The scholarship goal is to assist selected students to obtain their MD diploma from an alternative educational institution.
The assistance will be in the form of an interest free loan to help cover the tuition fees.
The students are required to pay back this interest free loan to SAMS within five years from the day of starting their residency 
The scholarship is open for two students this year. Selection will be according to the Scholarship Committee pre-set scoring system.
To be eligible for this program the applicant must meet ALL of the following:

      1. Unable to go back to Syria (asylum, hardship, fear of prosecution…etc)
      2. Syrian citizen who has started his/her medical school in an accredited medical school in Syria and reached junior or senior year.
      3. The applicant is in the US legally.
      4. Pass a personal or phone interview.
      5. Demonstrate significant need for financial assistance.
      6. Proficient in the English language.
      7. Complete and submit a Scholarship Form. 
Required documents: 
Medical school transcripts and documentation of rotations done in Syria with your previous school.
Personal resume.
Copy of USMLE step 1 score (if available).
Copy of your status in the US (TPS, Green Card or US passport first page).
Personal photo.
2 References from physicians in USA.
Those who passed USMLE step one are preferred.
Evidence of acceptance in a Caribbean based medical school.

Submit all required documents to: [email protected]