In 2020, SAMS offered more than 30 hours of CME hours through its conferences and seminars. More than 300 medical care providers from the U.S. and abroad participated in SAMS conferences.

SAMS organizes three main conferences throughout the year: The National Conference, The International Conference, and The National Symposium. These conferences gather renowned medical professionals, educators, and public figures to share expertise and experiences, gain an in-depth perspective on challenges in medical relief, and address current updates and innovations in medicine.  Additionally, these conferences provide a great opportunity to acquire Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, raise funds to support Syrians in need, stay up-to-date on the crisis in Syria, SAMS’s advocacy efforts for Syria, and innovative humanitarian and relief work from SAMS and our partners.

International Conferences

SAMS hosts its annual international conferences in a different country each year. These international conferences provide unique opportunities for healthcare providers from Syria, the United States, and around the world to meet, share ideas, and advance medical relief work in Syria, in neighboring countries, and in Greece. These conferences seek to facilitate international relationships and promote building the infrastructure for a well-coordinated Syrian medical relief effort. SAMS has hosted sixteen international conferences in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To learn more about our past international conferences, click here.

National Conference

SAMS hosts annual national medical conferences in the United States to provide its members with CME credits and updates on SAMS’s humanitarian work inside Syria, in neighboring countries, and in Greece. Additionally, these national conferences offer SAMS members the opportunity to meet in person and share ideas to advance the mission of SAMS and SAMS Foundation.

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National Symposium

SAMS launched its first national symposium in Houston, TX in 2014. The purpose to address pressing issues facing the medical community both in the United States, in Syria, and in neighboring countries.

SAMS no longer hosts annual symposiums. However, to learn more about our past symposiums, please click here.